Burying the Past (The Man From Boot Hill, #2) Marcus Galloway

ISBN: 9780060567699

Published: July 26th 2005


352 pages


Burying the Past (The Man From Boot Hill, #2)  by  Marcus Galloway

Burying the Past (The Man From Boot Hill, #2) by Marcus Galloway
July 26th 2005 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 352 pages | ISBN: 9780060567699 | 6.33 Mb

In the second book in the Boot Hill series--Nick Graves, professional mourner and former gunslinger, crosses paths with his former partner, a dark shadow from the past. Nick Graves has had a life full of more death than any one man can handle. For most of his adult life, Graves has dealt death as well--as an outlaw, running with some of the most feared bands of gunslingers the west has ever seen. But now hes ready to turn his back on his dark past, and live out his existence by retuning to the family business as a mourner--a man paid to see to the details of funerals and wakes.Nick wants to forget the past and settle down, but a mans past has a way of staying with him, even if he wants to include it in the things he keeps buried.

A man with a reputation for gun slinging and a few missing fingers, Nick always attracts unwanted attention from people with old scores to settle or new reputations to make. So Nick takes to the trail once again, determined to put an end to his old life once and for all. Soon Nick crosses paths with Barrett, his old partner in crime, and old memories are kicked up like dust on the trail. When Barrett proposes a lucrative jewel heist that he wants to include Nick on, all of the sudden digging graves and planning funerals for a few dollars a week doesnt seem so appealing.

Nick must choose between his conscience and the excitement of doing one last job with his old pal. And in the end, his own life might depend on his ability to make the right choice.

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